It’s Photoshoot Day!



Well we have about one more hour to get everything ready for our friends at Hoffman Media. They are shooting the Brantley house today ready or not.

Photoshoot days are my favorite. Everyone is excited. The homes are always at party ready and the pros behind those lenses know how to bring out the beauty. They are fun to watch!

But first, a little fun through the lens of my camera. This dining room is filled with drama. A dinner party here is going to be quite elegant at night.

photo shoot


We were still playing with accessories. Do you know that it is hard to add points of interest in a space without walls? My version of winged victory didn’t make the cut. LOL

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Happy Sunday

It has been a glorious week. Coming home from my site visit yesterday I passed field after field of cotton….. or southern snow as we like to call it.

It always makes me smile.

Thank you to friend, Morris Middleton for this lovely image.

morris middleton's photo

Have a wonderful  rest of your weekend and a happy Sunday as we reflect on all of our blessings!

Paula Dean’s Lovely Estate

I am drooling over this lovely estate in Savannah owned by Paula Dean. Not only does the architecture hit many of my favorite elements like the roof lines and materials chosen but the setting is spectacular.

Image Sources: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn and Seabolt Brokers



I mean, how beautiful is that?



The landscaping alone is worth a fortune.


The boathouse sits  on the Wilmington River and looks like its own little idyllic getaway.




Yes please to every part of this.




I’m guessing this might be the pool cabana but I’m not sure.




Yes, I am correct. And it would appear that there is a drop down movie screen for viewing at night from the pool.


I bet some delicious meals were served here. Don’t you know! Bring on the buttah, Honey.



Who really even cares what the inside looks like but here are a few rooms that I found. You know I love that ceiling and floor but throw in the shutter walls and I am sunk.


Her bathroom is a house in itself.



This is what I would want! Just give me this little guest house and I am happy as a lark.

There are two of these on the property.


Did you enjoy day dreaming with me? I love Savannah.

See ya later, Y’all.

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Accessorization…The Finishing Touch


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2015 Inspiration Home


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