2016 Southern Living Inspired Home

SLIHgp (298)
This week I was invited out to Hampstead to tour and  write about their 2016 Southern Living Inspired Home. The house was designed by Matter, the brain child of Anna Lowder and Harvi Sahota.  Harvi explains the theory behind the house this way, “We approached the design of this house by focusing on its location in the Hampstead community. Located on a corner lot overlooking the lake, it was important to create a serene, private space that remained a connected, focal point in the overall community. With this as the stating point, the balconies and courtyard quickly became the central focus of the exterior.” I have to tell you that those areas are pretty awesome.

Most photos courtesy of Grace Photography.






Matter’s Interior Designer, Brooke Johns (who thoughtfully gave me my tour), worked with Harvi to create an interior focused on  the interaction of graphic pattern, color, light and spatial design. Harvi and Anna then filled the home with art and wares from Southern Makers. I will highlight some of those as we walk through.

I was especially enamored with the lighting throughout the house starting with these stunning pendants in the kitchen from Restoration Hardware Modern Collection. I love the way the gold interior echos the gold cabinet hardware, and how about that herringbone wall?

SLIHgp (1)


SLIHgp (30)

Creams, grays and whites were the repeated palette throughout with occasional hot accents of  orange.  Note those gorgeous Alabama Chanin pillows on the sofa!

SLIHgp (41)


I love the Kevin Reilly chandelier in the dining room.

SLIHgp (193)

The dark and moody library is the perfect place to curl up with a good book on a rainy afternoon.

SLIHgp (170)


I actually thought this wall was tile but it is a beautiful graphic wallpaper in a deep rich navy. It is the perfect balance to the library.

SLIHgp (69)

The master bedroom is a serene escape after a long day.

SLIHgp (133)

Really wonderful, current tiles stole the show in the master  bathroom. This tub feature wall was one of my favorite aspects of the entire house! Stunning.

SLIHgp (141)


SLIHgp (156)


SLIHgp (147)

Sara Pittman provided the art for the girls’ room.  Bedding was provided by Serena & Lilly.

SLIHgp (252)



SLIHgp (231)

My “littles” would be all over this fun bedroom but the play would not be serene… more like leaping off the roof into the campfire if I had my guess!

SLIHgp (329)


SLIHgp (339)



SLIHgp (337)

What’s a campfire without s’mores? Land of Nod killed this one.

SLIHgp (347)


The  playroom wallpaper mural is  by Anthropol0gy.



SLIHgp (305)


Furniture in this room, provided by Ashley Gallion.


Sorry for the fuzzy picture. Those one was snapped on my phone.


It is hard to beat this view with a glass of wine.


SLIHgp (90)



The house is open for tours through June 26. Head on over and tell them I sent you. :) Cost is $10.

ADAC Video

Just as I hit the publish button yesterday on Behind the Windows, ADAC published this video so I decided to share it with you since it has snippets of all the windows and tells a little about all of the designers.

I hope you enjoy.


Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.


Behind The Windows



behind the windows

Some of you have asked for more pictures and the story behind the Behind The Windows event.

Every spring 7 designers from across the South-East are selected to create a very large window display that kicks off Design ADAC and the spring market. The window stays up for 6 months and people from all over the country come to visit the market center and check out the displays.


adac behind the windowscindy barganier

I was honored to be a part of this esteemed group. Only 5 of us were able to make it back for the reveal party. You must check out these peeps!

Hutton Wilkinson with The Tony Duquette Studio,Julian Taylor from Taylor Burke, Matthew Quinn, Dee Simmons, John Hall Nelson and Rivers Spencer

This is Hutton. It’s really too bad he couldn’t come back for the party. He IS the party. LOL



So we arrived that afternoon and I was thrilled to see that an image of my design work had been chosen for use on the poster advertising the event.

Thank you to Layla Palmer for the photo.

cindy with poster


And then it was time to rip off the paper and reveal the windows.

adac behind the windows


This is the photo ADAC chose to use for the vertical.

adac behind the windows


And for the horizontal.

adac behind the windows


A bit wild for me, right? It was fun to step outside the box… OK LEAP outside the box and have fun with a commercial space. That is why hospitality design work is so exciting because you are expected to surprise and inspire.

Obviously the wow factor was the floor. We literally had designers on their hands and knees feeling of it and trying to figure it out. Jeff and I painted it. And we have the bruised knees to prove it. And it is plywood. Yep. Thank you for partnering with us Home Depot on the wood and Benjamin Moore on the paint. I think we make a pretty great team!

The pattern was based on a new fabric design.
design ADAC cindy barganier


My favorite aspect was the upholstered doors to nowhere. They theoretically led to a high end restaurant while the actual window was the area where you waited, drink in hand, for your name to be called. The doors are covered in our newest fabric called Stonewalled. Those gorgeous handles are horns that I worked with Gowan Iron to fabricate into handles. Jim Gowan came in on a Sunday morning to finish those bad boys so that we could get them installed on time. Thank you Jim!! You are a pretty awesome partner also.

adac behind the windows cindy barganier


The hanging lights were fashioned from drum shades covered in “Glory.”


adac behind the windows cindy barganier

The art is a gallery wrap of our fabric called Autumn Rain which is Jeff’s design.

adac behind the windows


This was a crowd favorite. We cut three sections out of the fabric “Sipsey” also a Jeff collaboration and made a triptych from it and hung as art.

I love how it looked.

FullSizeRender (3)


Jeff left first to join the party while I tweaked. Soon he sent me this text and I decided I was missing out on all of the fun.

behind the windows cindy barganier
These two got the cutest dress award from Moi.



It was a very fun night that continued for me for 3 more days and nights.

Jeff, on the other hand, hit the road the next morning leaving the city to return to Montgomery to represent us at another event.







We launched our line of art created from the textile line at Art In The Courtyard in Montgomery on Friday night. I will try to get better shots of that soon.


So there you have it.  Behind The Windows At ADAC is in the books.  FYI. The exhibits are open to the public so if you are in Atlanta drop by.









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