Want To Lose Weight? Unplug!

Now, I don’t know about you but that title got my attention! The article that it came from appeared in my inbox this morning. It was written by Pam Henderickson and Mike Koenig and starts out with this opener,

Why You Should “Unplug”—Plus Three Ways to Get It Done

In some ways, becoming an entrepreneur can make it feel more challenging to completely unplug from your business and take a break. This is especially true if you’re a one-person operation. When you take a week off, for example, the whole “shop” closes down.

However, several studies have shown just how important it is for all of us to take a break. One fascinating study from the University of Michigan found that memory performance and attention spans improved by 20 percent after people spent an hour walking in nature.1

Another study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that leisure activities, including vacations, created higher positive emotional levels, less depression, lower blood pressure and smaller waistlines in participants.2

(Who knew that vacation could help you lose weight?!)

To read the entire article go here.


So I give you permission my Friends… as my 3 year old cutie would say, “buy those tickets!” escape to somewhere that recharges your battery and lose weight!!! woo hoo. My cousins and I were looking at a river boat cruise on the great lakes with excursions into Mackinac Island, Niagra Falls and Ontario. It’s sounding better and better. haha

Let me know what you decide.

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Jelly Makin’ Time

This old dog was about to learn some new tricks.


First we had to clean the debris away.


then into the pot they went


Notice that super cool colander in the background with the wooden thingy (what do you call those?)

In go the apples. (If you don’t understand that back up to yesterday’s post).


oh yeah…


You know they are done when you can smoosh the green apples with the back of a fork.

Learning from the master.


OH my gosh. The aroma!!!


Now it’s time to strain the juice in the super cool colander thingy.


He loves my terminology.


This is the patience part of the process. You have to let it simmer slowly so as not to scorch it and this is how you know it’s ready…


when you hold the spoon up three droplets will fall off side by side. When the three start to drop and then join to form one stream falling to the pan, it is ready.

Now WHO figured that out the first time I wanna know????

I had the hot sterilized jars ready to roll.



And 700 hours later 6 hours later we had this.







Only one thing left to do.

2013-06-22 001


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A Martha Moment

I was in my happy place this weekend.



The mountains of North Carolina are always calling my name. Sometimes I just have to have a “fix.” Lucky for me our sweet friends, Jobie and Susie, who manufacture our upholstery line invited us to spend the weekend with them at their mountain retreat.


It is so beautiful.



Their children have dubbed it “the sleep house” because at night it is pitch dark and with all of the windows thrown open the rushing stream makes it impossible to hold your eyes open. Just what I needed after a long week.

It was 70 degrees when we arrived. Perfect.


Why you ask was this a Martha Moment? I’m getting to that. The next morning Jobie said he wanted to take us to their farm. We were hoping the blackberries would be ripe. This is where the adventure/educating of Cindy began.


We unloaded the dogs and everyone was handed a bucket.

“Where do we pick?” I asked?

“Anywhere on the mountain you can find a bush with berries,” came the reply.

hmmm That meant I was on my own with the snakes. Time to put on my big girl panties.



Not bad for a city girl.


But then it got to be fun. Jobie explained that his grandmama taught him to add a few green apples to the berries and you could make jelly without parafin. The apples make it gel. I had no idea there was an entire orchard just around the bend. ( I know, I can’t believe I am letting you see me like that either. haha)


and peaches



and grapes




the muscadines and scuppernongs were not ready

This is a kiwi vine… never knew what one looked like.


One of my few memories of my little granddaddy was going into the orchard with him and picking fresh fruit right off the tree and eating it.  There is something very sacred almost about that experience. And nothing tastes better.


As we headed back to the car with our bounty, we passed the foundation of the old homestead,


and I asked about the awesome old barn.



Look at that ancient wood


This was one of those moments that just makes you shake your head. Remember, we had just been in Atlanta installing my fabric line in the new showroom.

“Jobie, tell me about this old barn.”

“Oh, that’s where they used to weave fabric.”

Say what!!! Yep. They raised sheep and they would bring the sheep in under the barn, sheer it, card and spin the wool then take it upstairs and weave the cloth. The old loom is still up there.

It just has to make you smile.

Up tomorrow….. jelly making the old fashion way!

You don’t want to miss the aroma. I really was pretending to be Martha for a day.

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The Big Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that the Cindy Barganier Textiles Collection has been picked up by one of the premier showrooms at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Better known to the trade as ADAC this is the site of all of the major fabric and furniture showrooms. It caters to designers not furniture stores so it is a great fit for us.

Which showroom?

travis setup (50)

I have worked with Travis for years as they also carry Designer’s Guild, Sister Parrish, Amanda Nisbet, Jack Lenore Larson, Cowtan and Tout and Manuel Canovas to name a few.

We spent the day with their great staff hanging the wings and generally getting to know the showroom from a vendor’s perspective.

Dennis is the showroom manager and has been great to us.

travis setup (37)

But I am ahead of myself. This is how the day went.

This is one of the views of the showroom as you enter the second floor where we are located.

travis setup (2)

We immediately set to work deciding the order that the fabrics would hang in.

travis setup (11)

travis setup (10)

Then Dennis had to decide where in the showroom he wanted to feature us.

I was more than a little bit excited with his decision.

travis setup (28)

Amanda is one of my personal favorites so I am honored to literally rub elbows with her.

Then it was time to hang and for that we needed the pro… Earnest!

travis setup (16)

That man is lightning fast. He has hung a few wings before!

In no time at all they were all up.

Then we had to tag everything and get the memo samples ready for the designers. (Yes, they were laughing at us for taking all of these pictures. We were not very good at being cool. Hey, this IS our first time around and we’re enjoying it. LOL)

travis setup (32)

travis setup (19)

Mission accomplished.

travis setup (18)

A HUGE thank you to Betsy, Becky and Traci for helping with all of the sewing and surging. It took a full two days to ready all of these samples.

We appreciate you!

travis setup (31)

This is where the samples now live, Girls. If I weren’t the eternal optimist I would freak that there are so many beautiful fabrics competing with mine but ya know what? There is a reason God had me do this so I just place it all back in His hands and trust that He knows exactly what He is doing. I’m just enjoying the ride.

Tonya on the left and Allie, along with Joey who was busy at his desk are in charge of the library. Good thing they are super organized!

travis setup (30)

Then it was all over but the pricing and educating.

travis setup (17)

Thanks again Shoot Fly Shoot/The Lettered Cottage for this image. (The original is clear. This is printed on a pumpkin colored handmade paper) 🙂

Jeff and I returned the next afternoon for a meeting with the delightful

Dotty Travis, founding owner of the firm that bears her name.

She and Dennis had been working like ants all day getting ready for the

Cashier’s Decorator Showhouse in Cashier’s N.C.  and threatened bodily harm if we pulled the camera out. LOL

She did, however, make me cry with her kind remarks about the line and how pleased she was to welcome us to the family.

“I love this line. The colors are fabulous. I am really pleased with it and I want big hunks of it lying around. I’ve looked at it three times today.”  Thank you, sweet Dotty. We will do our best to make you proud. Thanks for giving us the chance.

And thus ended the set-up as we placed sample sets into the hands of the traveling sales reps…

travis setup (34)

Go get em Kathy!  Mark, yours are on the way.

And the happy, tired couple rode off into the sunset to get some seafood at

The Atlanta Fish Market. We couldn’t stop smiling.

travis setup (29)

I would be very remiss if I did not save the biggest thank you for my partner in all things, Jeff,  for everything that he has done to help make this possible. No one knows the hours he spends cutting samples, taking pictures, writing stories, writing contracts, placing orders, billing etc, etc, etc.

You, JB, are my rock. And then to my biggest cheerleader, Martin Choate. You know how much I love you.



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Thanks For The Shout Out Doodle Home!

This appeared in Doodle Home’s blog Monday.


The scale of this room both in square footage and height called for special attention to scale and proportion. Every piece of furniture was in some way altered to keep it from looking miniature.
For instance, the tv cabinet came with the owners and serves as a perfect example of how what had worked in a typical room did not work here in this larger scale room. Cindy Barganier searched for days to find the appropriate object to sit on top to make the eye feel comfortable with the scale. The garden gate added the height needed for the piece to work in the room.


See something you like? Reference the number from the catalog image when you contact us for product information, samples, quotes and to place an order. Inquire about Products


  1. Elizabeth Sofa in COM Wheat Linen from Cindy Barganier at Home Collection
  2. Stuart Chair from Cindy Barganier Collection in Fabric from King Cotton
  3. Reese Table from Cindy Barganier at Home Collection in Antique Heart Pine Stain
  4. Artwork by Cindy Barganier
  5. Antique Garden Gate and Side Tables from Smiths Antique Mall in Destin, Florida
  6. Sisal Rug by Georgia Carpet Outlet

Looking for something different? With access to every manufacturer worldwide, we can provide you with a quote for the perfect product for your project. Simply email info@doodlehome.com, call 877.615.2121 or click the orange “Contact us!” at the bottom of the screen.


Doodle Home – Doodle Home is a virtual studio for interior designers to run their businesses more efficiently. We are a team of interior designers and technology and business experts, passionate about simplifying the business of interior design.

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Emotional Roller Coaster


In the darkest night, the Light shines.

In the darkest night, the Light shines.


How is it possible to experience such a wide range of emotions in the span of just a few hours? As you know, Jeff and I were at market last week. What you don’t know is that I have an announcement to make. We hit a career milestone that we were so very excited about sharing with you today. However, as we were making our way home Friday night one of my closest friends and business associates in all the world “graduated” from this world and crossed over into his forever home- heaven. Stan Godwin was one of the funniest, most creative, and hardest working people I have ever known. He walked into a room and took it over, quickly becoming the life of the party. His quick sarcastic wit kept you on your toes because you NEVER knew what was going to come out of that mouth.


He poked fun at himself all the time but not at others. He never met a stranger and would ask a million questions after the initial introduction because he truly cared about people and wanted to get to know them. It wasn’t long before he was asking the question that meant the most to him, “if you died tonight do you know where you would spend eternity?”

I can’t quite wrap my head around the world without Stan. I can’t tell you how many industry people have been standing around just staring at each other for the last three days already missing the raucous laughter, the ever present opinions on……everything, and the ” I love you, Friend ” ‘s that came often and without embarrassment. He did love us and he showed it in a million different ways. He never once called me Cindy. It was ALWAYS Cindy B! said loudly and with enthusiasm that let me know he was glad to see me/hear from me. The saying between us was always, “Mi Casa, Su Casa” (I probably butchered that.. never took Spanish).

Now? I know of no one else who will stand for me showing up unannounced, plopping down in the chair across the desk from them, tossing a plan down and saying, “what am I missing here?” or ” I have designer’s block…Help!!” knowing that he was OK with it and was just fine with me parking myself there until he had time to fix me. The man was one of a kind.

I have the feeling that he is peering over my shoulder at this moment becoming quite out done with me. I can hear that unmistakable voice saying, “Alright ALRIGHT! Enough already. I am happy as a lark. I have already had a conversation with Moses, danced with my sister, received a long list of projects to work on (AND CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY DON’T HAVE BUDGETS UP HERE?????) and now I am going to settle in for long walk and talk with our Lord. Now you, snap out of it! Tell the folks what you have been up to and get this party started. Didn’t I always tell you I wanted you to dance at my funeral?” Well yes, he did and I told him the same thing. Just didn’t think it would be so soon.


And he loved his “Kat”. We’re here for you sweet girl.


Thanks for letting me get it out. It helps. And if you love somebody, tell them, right now. I’m glad I did.



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To Market To Market

We are about to begin a master bedroom renovation that I am super excited about. This is one of those favorite “client trusts you enough to say.’ here’s the budget, you know what we love, just do it’ ” then they go on vacation and come home to a big reveal. This will be our third reveal with this client and they are always such fun.. lots of squeals, tears and laughter. We LOVE it!!

The work begins tomorrow at the crack of dawn when The Writer and I leave for market. We are truly on the hunt for lots of happiness this trip.

Here are some initial ideas that are floating around in my little noggin.

They have an idea of what I am thinking so the surprise won’t be spoiled when they read this blog ( which I know they will). 🙂

Unfortunately, we just found out this bed won’t arrive until the fall and I can’t wait that long so…………..





So that’s tomorrow’s starting point but who knows what wonderfulness we will find that will win our hearts.  Stay tuned Friends.

It only gets better from here.

Have a wonderfull  week if I we don’t talk again. You are never far from my heart.


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A Look Back At Old Capitols

This will be the first in a series of “look backs” as I post some of my favorite posts, articles and memories from our three years of blogging during this, our birthday month.

THINGS for your home

taken from River Region Magazine September 2008


Something Old

Local writer and attorney Jeff Barganier waxed poetic as he shared the story of his unique coffee table…
“I used to gaze up at those beautiful Ionic capitals atop gleaming fluted columns and yearn for a closer look. Not anymore. A stunning Greek capital beautifies my living room—as a coffee table. Old salvaged capitals are extremely rare.They’re not only difficult to remove, but salvagers also face prohibitions against demolition of historic structures. My Greek ‘Erectheum’ capital measures 32
inches wide by 45 inches long and 18 inches high.Although significantly
weathered, it features ample detail including ‘egg and dart’ ornamentation at the abacus and base, lots of beading and enlarged Ionic scrolls or ‘volutes.’
I’m not sure where it originated. According to our sources,it was salvaged from an old building in Huntsville.When I brought it home, its original finish was peeling and moss was growing from surface crevices. Rather than clean it up, I
placed a great looking piece of glass on it just as it was. The downside to owning one of these fantastic artifacts is that they are very, very heavy. Two really
strong men can handle it (but I do not care to be one of them.) On the other hand, it is a thing of incomparable beauty that will last forever and appreciate in value. Not a bad conversation-starter either.”

End note: He got major brownie points from wifey for this find. I have been asked several times if I would sell it. I can’t bear to. 

What is your favorite find? Share!

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Thanks For The Shout Out Room Reveal!

So excited to have been discovered by Room Reveal AND to have been selected as Editor’s Choice Top Pick for the Sawgrass project.

http://roomreveal.com – RoomReveal attracts the very best interior designers and architects in the business. Check out which fabulous projects caught our eye this week.”

Cindy E Barganier Interiors

Cindy E Barganier Interiors


Hope you had a Happy, albeit wet, 4th. We are running to get samples ready for…. shhhh. big announcement coming.

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Happy Independence Day America. Remember From Whence You Came!

elements of style blog

elements of style blog


Franco Pace

Franco Pace



Shelter blog

Shelter blog

Have a safe, happy celebration and we will continue the party this weekend!

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