What If We Did This? Rooms Re-Imagined.





It has been a really fun season of helping clients  imagine how their spaces could look if they were re-decorated: rooms re-imagined, I call it. I have learned that it is not necessary for me to spend the hours/days that it takes to do a perfect “rendering” of the space. I can often do just enough of a change to help them see the new look. So be forewarned these are not professional quality Photoshoped images…. just teasers.

And now, come along on a little tour of Photoshop play over the last few months.

What if this

Montgomery Kitchen Before

Looked like this

ashley kitchen

Or what is this room

ashley den


Had bleached floors and a wood plank ceiling



ashley den copy
I’m thinking YES to both. You?


And then I jumped on that virtual airplane and flew out to sunny Cali. It was great!

No lines. No checked luggage. No ebola concerns. Just a few secs to download the images of this cute cottage outside of Los Angeles that is ready for a little update after its family entered the empty nest time of life.

Isn’t it cute?

California Cottage



 This is the view from the kitchen and family room.

California garden

So we have been chatting and trying to decide what she would like to look like after her re-do.

What if her family room went from this



to this

suzan's living

or maybe this

suzan's living in green


Tired of green?

Cindy Barganier Interiors

Go blue!

my living room makeover


No, it’s not a perfect representation but it helps if you have trouble “seeing” what is not actually there yet. What are your thoughts? Helpful or not?


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Kitchen Before And After

I am so far behind on posting client projects photos. Today is the day to start the catch up process! Woo hoo! So here we go with one of my favorite kitchen before and afters.


We started out with a very dated, very dark, very ….ah… green kitchen. smile



We sprinkled a little fairy dust around. Mark Reece with Grace Fabrications was the lead sprinkler. Marilyn Heard worked her magic on the ceiling as the oak tree “grew” through the window and straight across the room creating an outdoor dining area. We loved it!



From 19something to timeless and classic.  Designer tip: I painted the toe kick a dark gray to increase the shadow under the base cabinet so that your eye didn’t go to a white line at the bottom but traveled up the wall to the good stuff. How much better are those pretty little glass front square doors at the ceiling line than that awful green furr down? Scroll back and forth to study all of the changes.


The sink used to face this dead end wall. That’s depressing. We tore out all of the cabinets and the furr down on this wall making the entire area customized storage.




By consolidating the double wall ovens and the cooktop into one fabulous slide in we gained enough room on the opposite side of the room to place the sink under the window AND create a beautiful focal point with the range and hood. BOOM!


 Now everyone wants to wash dishes… well that might be a stretch but it is lovely and overlooks the formal sunken gardens.



 jinks kitchen


Another kitchen make-over is slatted for later this year. Can’t wait!

I have been under the weather but hope to make the rounds of site inspections this week.  Stay tuned for exciting developments.

And thank You Lord for beautiful spring weather. It does a body good.

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Which Rug Is Best For You?

antique-sultanabad-oriental-rug (1)

Antique Sultanabad



Hand-knotting is the most labor intensive of all.

This type of weave takes a lot of time and skill.

Quality is determined by the number of knots per square inch.

The tighter the knot and more dense the carpet, the better the quality.

Much training is required to learn to create these works of art.

These rugs retain their value or often increase in value.


In Montgomery, Alabama our go-to source for great rugs is Oriental Accents.

Sultanabads, Heriz, Tabriz and Oushaks are some of the favorites. Tell Teresa and Carrie I sent you.


Karastan rug

Karastan rug




Machine make rugs are made on power looms in order to produce rugs quickly.

They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

They are usually made of a soft chenille-like fiber.

They are the least expensive type of rug.

These are good “starter” rugs but, like a new car, they lose their value immediately.


hand tufted


Hand tufting is done with a tufting gun that pulls individual yarns through a backing to form a loop

To add strength the carpet is coated with a backing usually of latex.

They are almost always made of wool.


flat weave pottery barn


Flat weave rugs consist of only warp and weft threads and are reversible

A Dhurry rug is a flat weave.

They are very literally flat and are, therefore, not as soft.

They require a pad.

They are less expensive but give a great look.

This rug has been very popular in the last few years. Pottery Barn offers many of these. They are really great at the beach or lake



Natural Fiber

And finally, one of my favorites, the natural fiber rug known as sisal, seagrass, or jute.

Use them alone or as the foundation for a layered look and top with an Oriental, or animal hide for a really fab look!

Designer tip: This is a great way to get a high-end look if you can’t afford the size rug that you really need. Use the sisal as the room size rug and buy a smaller size in the fine rug. Place the small, decorative rug in front of the seating group to anchor it and you have a wonderful look.




Hope this helps with your rug buying decisions. Happy shopping.




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What’s Your Party Style, Southerner?

Y’all! I have been catching up on my magazine reading and oh my gosh, have you been following Garden and Gun’s series on Party Like A Southerner? Good heavens. I am such a loser in the party house category.  I thought these were way cool (and they are!)….



Who wouldn’t love to have a party barn in the middle of a beautiful pasture with your own piped in mooosic?




Or an Airstream (with a stuffed bear inside) parked in your backyard.



How lovely is this setting?


I mean, I might seriously have to take up duck hunting.
















But then….. they just had to go and post this.





I couldn’t bear to post any more pictures. You will just have to go see for yourself. A cocktail tower. I need to up my game.

Happy Weekend.

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Castles in the Sand Beach House


I spent last week helping my sweet friend, Judy, finish a jaw-dropping duplex at the beach. We didn’t finish but got close enough to give you a sneak peak. Keep reading! There is a surprise announcement in a moment.


castle in the sand beach house

castle in the sand beach house

The houses are called “Castle in the Sand East”(the turquoise side) and “Castle In the Sand West”(the white side). Each side has 5000 sq ft heated and cooled, 1300 sq ft of covered balconies and a sun deck with private heated pool. Each side sleeps up to 26 guests. 9 bedrooms, 8 full baths and two half baths. Each master bedroom has it’s own private balcony facing the water. There are four per side!

How would you like to have a beach house like this?


castle in the sand beach house

castle in the sand beach house



sandcastle beach house

castle in the sand beach house



Well…. wait for it…… IT CAN BE YOURS!!!

That’s right. At the end of this very long post, (hey, it’s hard to cover 10,000 sq ft of wonderful) I will  give you a number to call and you can choose which side you would like to rent or heck… take the whole thing and you will have room for all of your best buds and most of their kids!

Actually, for those of you who head women’s ministries this is an ideal setting for a retreat.

[Read more…]

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