Beautiful Doors Are The First Step Toward Hospitality

Beautiful doors are so important to me. They are almost the first design element that I consider when planning a new space. Doors invite our family and friends into our offered hospitality. They set the tone of the home. Doors weigh on me until I get them right.

We have been in the planning stages for a design/build for a family we have known since college days. Basically, I was asked to take the plans for their existing home which sits on a large lot in a neighborhood and re-work it so that it would fit on a pie-shaped lot that has amazing water views on three sides.

I can’t wait to take you along on the construction journey. We just came out of the ground last week!



Of course, I immediately started talking about the doors. I knew that I would be using them to add character and a sense of age to the new house but I needed to explore several style options to see what resonated with everyone. The first one considered was the door shown above with lovely old stained glass and a rather modern styled wood panel at the bottom. It reminded me of doors at Huntingdon College, a local university here in Montgomery, Alabama. I have wonderful sources for fabulous architectural salvage so I am always confident that I will be able to find what we need.

Then I found this one:

french door

a completely different look… basically just a badly painted French Door. haha  That one didn’t last very long on my mental board.

This one I love.

decor de provence blog

decor de provence blog

The proportion and scale, the way the arched transom hugs the door, the wavy glass and the finish all stopped me in my tracks. The fact that it is in on a French house didn’t hurt either.

I am always a sucker for Tudor especially if it looks like it came out of an old church like this one does. I probably would have roughed it up a bit though so that it is not so spit polished… know what I mean?

Doors by Decora

Doors by Decora

My friends at McAlpine Home never disappoint. This is from one of their projects.

McAlpine Tankersley

McAlpine Tankersley

Just that one simple curve added to the bottom made all the difference.

In the end, my choice was the one with the arched top and transom and happily the clients agreed so the mill-works folks will be starting on it tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Next up: stair talk. See you soon.

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  1. That was my pick as well!

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