Ugly Switch Plate Covers And Renovation



We have been working on the renovation of this grand belle of the ball and ran into the age old problem of what to replace the ugly switch plate covers with. You know, the cracked ones yellowed with age that scream, “look at me”!

As you can see from the below picture, some of the original walls have hand painted paper that is staying and for those I brought in an artist to paint the plates to match the design. But what if the job is too far away to fly an artist in to paint a bunch of switch plates? Surely there is another solution!




I think I may have found it!

There is a company called   Forbes & Lomax that makes replicas of the old high end switches that you can still find in period hotels and some homes.

Established in London 20 years ago, Forbes & Lomax have created an elegant alternative to the ordinary light switch. They realized that the elegant glass, nickel and brass switches of the 1930’s were no longer available and what was being made to use for high-end projects were unsuitable.  So Forbes & Lomax launched an aesthetic light switch, in which they pioneered the screwless, flush to the wall plate, creating a sleek look. The toggles and buttons come in many finishes, including unlacquered brass, nickel silver, brushed stainless steel and antique bronze switches.”

I love the antique bronze toggle. And the buttons remind me of the push button ones I used to see a lot.

black togle light switch

This brass one allows you to fully automate your home, opening blinds, controlling night lights etcetera from one master control.




brass switch plates

I might stand around playing with the light switches if I had these unlacquered brass toggles.

brass toggle switches

But the ones that really captivated me for my project were the clear acrylic ones.

acrylic switch cover

Even if you cover the old plates in wallpaper matching the pattern across the wall (now that wallpaper is back in a big way) it is still messy sometimes and you have those two screws to contend with. These are screwless!

 A 3mm thick clear acrylic face plate with a 1mm thick primed aluminum under plate make up the assembly. You affix your wallpaper to the backplate (or paint it if wallpaper is not being used) and the o ring that goes around the switch screws onto a mechanism on the switch box to hold it securely. The plate is then almost invisible. Love it!

It also comes as convenience outlet covers but these do use screws.

invisible outlet plugs

This is how it would look installed over wallpaper.


Sooo much better, right? And the best part? They now have a showroom in New York.

To see more visit

or contact them at

Happy Day!





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Beautiful Doors Are The First Step Toward Hospitality

Beautiful doors are so important to me. They are almost the first design element that I consider when planning a new space. Doors invite our family and friends into our offered hospitality. They set the tone of the home. Doors weigh on me until I get them right.

We have been in the planning stages for a design/build for a family we have known since college days. Basically, I was asked to take the plans for their existing home which sits on a large lot in a neighborhood and re-work it so that it would fit on a pie-shaped lot that has amazing water views on three sides.

I can’t wait to take you along on the construction journey. We just came out of the ground last week!



Of course, I immediately started talking about the doors. I knew that I would be using them to add character and a sense of age to the new house but I needed to explore several style options to see what resonated with everyone. The first one considered was the door shown above with lovely old stained glass and a rather modern styled wood panel at the bottom. It reminded me of doors at Huntingdon College, a local university here in Montgomery, Alabama. I have wonderful sources for fabulous architectural salvage so I am always confident that I will be able to find what we need.

Then I found this one:

french door

a completely different look… basically just a badly painted French Door. haha  That one didn’t last very long on my mental board.

This one I love.

decor de provence blog

decor de provence blog

The proportion and scale, the way the arched transom hugs the door, the wavy glass and the finish all stopped me in my tracks. The fact that it is in on a French house didn’t hurt either.

I am always a sucker for Tudor especially if it looks like it came out of an old church like this one does. I probably would have roughed it up a bit though so that it is not so spit polished… know what I mean?

Doors by Decora

Doors by Decora

My friends at McAlpine Home never disappoint. This is from one of their projects.

McAlpine Tankersley

McAlpine Tankersley

Just that one simple curve added to the bottom made all the difference.

In the end, my choice was the one with the arched top and transom and happily the clients agreed so the mill-works folks will be starting on it tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Next up: stair talk. See you soon.

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Spring In The South Cover

I was very excited to receive this sneak peek at what will be hitting the news stands this week.

We made the cover of  Spring In The South!!!



You can’t even believe how precious Bo the wonder dog was as he sat for long stretches of time not moving a muscle while we adjusted lights, changed angles and generally gave him the whole movie star, this is not really very glamorous work, experience. At one point the crew actually walked up to him, adjusted the bandanna around his neck and re-positioned him and he acted like he had been doing this his whole life.

They wanted to add him to the pay roll. Every house would then have Bo as a fixture. His Mama and Daddy said no.

The interiors of this beautiful home were featured last year in Southern Home magazine. You can read all about the shoot here.

Here are the images from that publication:












Thank you Spring In The South! You made this girl’s day.

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Bath Renovations

I am working on a dozen bath renovations at the moment. There is no time to write about it but these are some inspiration photos that I will be presenting this week. If you find some great ideas…. send them our way. I am never above asking for a little help. It makes the projects better… every time.  Enjoy.



homebunch blog bath

From Homebunch blog


Houzz bath

From Houzz


From remodelista blog

tub detail

From Pinterest

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Things I love… Gingerbread Houses!

gingerbread houses


I love gingerbread houses.

Every year I get excited about this time because I know that The Hotel At Auburn’s  chef is preparing his amazing gingerbread village. It is always incredible. When Megan was little we tried a few times to make the ones that come in the little kit. Let’s just say no one would drive around the block to look at it. LOL


These guys are magicians!



I mean look at the detail!















That looks like a chex mix roof.




Chocolate “gingerbread”. Yum.


From DIY Network








I especially like this one since I think it might be the Grove Park Inn in Ashville…one of my favs.


All images are from Pinterest and most were unmarked. Please let me know if this is your work so that I can credit you.

What about you? Are you a baker extraordinaire? Show me your stuff.


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Construction Update Today




My second born house child has been waiting patiently in the wings for her time in the spot light this month. The pictures from my site visit yesterday will give you a little construction update.

We are very excited today to begin shopping for her new “clothes”. It really is a bit like preparing Cinderella for the ball. And what a grand entrance Cinderella could have made down this staircase!

construction update
Without further commentary…… pictures.

construction update











(Light hasn’t been lowered yet.)














Oh! But when your client’s child is competing in a huge event far far away in the middle of your visit you HAVE TO STOP AND WATCH!

Especially when she NAILS the dad gum thing and WINS it. Woo Hoo AG. We were all cheering for you.


Until next time.

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Sneak Peek

No time to write right now but here are a few sneak peeks from yesterday’s install. Thank you so much to yesterday’s team: Jeff, Nicole, Carrie, Catherine, Sarah and Marilyn. Ya’ll rocked it!


byrd movein8




byrd movein15

sneak peek

byrd movein2


More later. 🙂

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Packing For Install Day

I’ve been eating my Wheaties!


Found on Pinterest

Get ready Peeps. Rain or no rain tomorrow is install day and this is my van. Yikes.



install day


This is Jeff’s car.

IMG_4219install day


We will pack Nicole’s tomorrow morning while the movie van is being loaded and then it is SHOWTIME.

Let’s do this.

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One Day Closer To Move In


Back in Brantley today for the very LAST workday before the full move-in! Woo Hoo. We couldn’t be more excited.

The fireplace wall that no one believed we really had a plan for came rapidly together today. The cabinet crew did an amazing job of executing my vision for the concealed TV.




The Tv is recessed into the wall so that it is flush with the face. The doors are then double hinged with concealed brackets and fold all the way back flat against the side walls. The opening around the firebox will be the same product that is on the floor for a seamless transition.

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Move In Day Is 7 Days Away!



We have three families on the eve of move in day so you can imagine the organized chaos that is the norm around here right now.

This picture pretty much tells the story. (Good thing I had a key to the back door ’cause I couldn’t fit through the crack that was left in the shop doorway.)





Need any lamps? Chandeliers? Hardware? How about rugs? Not a problem. I think we’ve got you covered. haha

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