Vignettes, Important Design Elements

I had a great time last week when Jean Allsop came to town. Jean is the acclaimed photographer of the book 30A Style written and published by Lynn Nesmith. She is also a magazine scout and spent the day photographing several of my projects.



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Photo shoots are always exciting but they are also a bit nerve -wracking for me; trying to make sure everything is just right and second guessing what an editor might be looking for. Frankly, that part is exhausting.

I learned a trick a long time ago that is still so interesting to me.  I found that when I am standing in a room that I have looked at for a long time I don’t really see it the way that it is. If I take a picture of it and look at the picture the “holes” become glaring, the books crooked, the flowers dead etc. etc.

It’s the same for accessorization or new construction.

I am trying to train my eye to see like a magazine photographer. That calls for vignettes.

For instance,  my tendency is to try to show the entire room in a picture because, after all, I worked hard on the flow and I want to tell the whole story. That’s not the way they do it.  They let you in on the story one tiny bit at a time. I have to admit, it is much more charming. I started experimenting.

This simple image tells me a lot about the person who lives here if I pay close attention.


vignettes cindy barganier

Cindy E Barganier Interiors


Or how about the beauty of morning’s light dancing into this bathroom.

The black and white image allows me to focus on the texture of the smooth stone against the nubby silk bench. I can actually feel the coolness of one and the tactile quality of the other just by looking at it. And… it makes me want to see more. Right?


Cindy Barganier garden tubs

Cindy E Barganier Interiors

Next, I don’t really care what else is there. I am just blown away by the beauty of this.

Taken from

Had they shown me the entire space I might have missed it.

Do you agree or disagree? I am still trying to figure it out.

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The Learning Never Ends… Thank Goodness!

Those of you (especially my fellow design buddies) who know me well know that I have had a love affair with TND communities ( or New Urbanism) for many, many years. The first one I fell in love with was in North Carolina twenty something years ago. I vowed then that I would be a part of one …..some day.

foreverdesign blog

I didn’t care if it was the mountainy look of Mt. Laurel

foreverdesign blog

the southerness of The Waters

foreverdesign blog

 the beachiness of Watercolor

foreverdesign blog

or the European feel of Rosemary

foreverdesign blog

I just loved them all. Still do.

Well that day and those dreams finally came together about 8 years ago.

I was hired to work with the developers and builders at The Waters in Alabama and ruined many a pair of shoes before the streets were in but shared in the excitement of watching a community literally come out of the ground. My first visit was in Andrew’s 4-wheel drive as we drove through pasture land with him saying, “Now there will be a 200 acre lake that horseshoes around this section and the tree lined streets will be laid out in a grid here and there.”

Amazingly, we could see it all, right down to the white chapel at the top of Chapel Hill Street. We bought a house and opened a shop  there here

Then came the day that made me smile for a full year. I was hired to design a fabulous house at Watercolor on 30A in Florida, then another and another.

I felt like Walt Disney had waved his magic wand. But in my heart of hearts I knew from whence the blessings flow.

The learning curve is steep in these communities. The footprint is small. The windows are many. The walls few.

Furniture that worked last time won’t work here. Parking is tight. Streets are narrow. And never have I experienced the love of neighbors that exists here. It’s just a special kind of living. It’s that simple.

foreverdesign blog

Therefore, I am celebrating my good fortune and the lessons learned learned along the way by offering a series of seminars built around the topics of design, decorating and entertaining. We will look at everything from current trends to tackling some of the challenges unique to these communities. I will, from time to time, be sharing some of the content here.  It should be “large fun” as my neighbor, John, would say.

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The New Age Of Digital

If you missed part 1 click here or part 2 click here

After seeing the huge area required to print the traditional way it is almost comical to see what is required now.

The new way to print

So there you have it. One day, that whole big plant will potentially be reduced to this.

The following picture is from the colorist room where designers scrutinize color match so that each run is the same.

color guide

 This shows fabric patterns that are being tested for color, match and scale that are still on the drawing board.

Now the work begins

So now it was the time of discovery, did I really know what I was doing and would my work translate into what their designer needed.  (Read “nail-biting time”)

Amazingly, for the most part I got it right. LOL

We made a few minor adjustments on pattern match and it was time to make a strike off to see how it would really look on fabric. YIKES! This was really happening. What if we all hated it? What if we all loved it? What if , after all of this, we couldn’t meet the dead-line?  So many “what ifs”.

I’m seeing my work on their computer system for the first time.

Do we hit the print button or not?


And out rolls the first ever strike off of the new


Springtime Fun from Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

What would you call me?

Ocean Stripe from Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection


Bear in mind that this is being done on the cheapest fabric with no sizing or finishing which is what makes the color pop.

Sadly, this little guy didn’t make the cut. He was pixelated and couldn’t be fixed.


What do you do when the pattern you had planned on featuring won’t work? You pretend like you are back in college and you stay up until the mood strikes and you design a new pattern from scratch that will work. You then send it to the mill in the wee hours, get it approved as soon as the doors open, run the strike-off, get customer approval and print all within a 12 hour period so that you hit your dead-line.

Then one day the UPS man arrives and he hands you the first bolts.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

So you jump in the car and head to 30A for the installation.


A week ago this was a closet. I found a carpenter who could go to Florida in one day to remove the doors, remove all of the shelving and rods and build a daybed with raised “tables” at either end.

Then sweet Marilyn Heard and George Evans went down with us to transform it into a daybed extraordinaire.

We worked, and we worked..

and then we worked some more

No, you aren’t seeing things. Yes, it is midnight and yes, we are all working in pajamas. LOL

We are the crazy ones who are most creative at night. That’s why we move into the houses for concierge move in services.  It’s going above and beyond.

We didn’t have all of the lamps and accessories yet but this will give you a good idea of where we are headed.

Bespoke Daybed in Amber fabric by Cindy Barganier

Amber Fabric by Cindy Barganier

Then we moved on to the next room where the Ocean Stripe fabric was being used.

Ocean Stripe in teal and blue

Thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration I used the fabric on Yolo Board inspired headboards and added individual lights for nighttime reading enjoyment.

Ocean Stripe by Cindy Barganier

We haven’t gotten to accessorization yet but do notice the adorable vintage bathing suit sheets peeking out from the shams.

 While ya’ll hit the waves, I’m just gonna hit the bed.

I’m done.

Thank you to another precious client who “gets it” and let’s us do our thing.

We loved working with you and can’t wait to hear your squeals tonight.

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at

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The Great Adventure Unfolds

I feel as though I should begin this post,

” Dear Diary, I have missed you.  Please don’t be upset with me for my neglect of you.” haha

The middle of this week I did, indeed, feel like that steam engine I left you with last post ran over me but I am feeling like my old self again and ready to begin the process of catching you up on the great adventure called the month of May.

Two of the small kitchen renovations have been completed except for accessorization.

This was kitchen number one showing several before and afters:

cindy barganier interiors

Cloverdale kitchen before

cindy barganier interiors

Cloverdale kitchen after

The above wall is awaiting a series of framed architectural prints ceiling to floor.

And one final over-all view..

While this was taking place in week 1 kitchen #2 was undergoing its minor renovations which I haven’t even seen yet so pictures of that will come later this week.  Kitchen number 3 is all picked out and about to begin major demolition.

Watercolor house #2’s furniture began to arrive on the heels of this.

Here is a look at how that project is coming along.

These pictures are actually pretty far behind. They are moving in this week. It’s looking great!

Tomorrow’s post gives me chills….. my own fabric line is actually happening.

Details tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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Thank You Walton Sun

A big thank you  goes to Megan Moseley of The Walton Sun for the great article she wrote about our work  on 30A.

To read full article click here: walton sun article

If you would like to say,”That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at


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