Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Well I have to admit that despite John Saladino’s uber successful look with this photo that has received so much press

john saladino/cindybarganier

I could not be more surprised by Pantone’s choice for the COLOR OF THE YEAR for 2014.

Cindy Barganier Interiors

Perhaps they are seeing it as accents. In that case I can agree.

What colors are you beginning to see emerge and what would have been your guess for the color of the year?

Let’s have a little fun and see how many pictures with purple show up on Pinterest this week. I bet there will be a lot.

Want to give it a shot?

Maybe I influenced Mr. Pantone with some of my fabrics??   Yeah, I think not. But I must have been ahead of my time because here they are

in living color…


Brushstrokes with a touch of Radiant Orchid


Kaleidoscope fabric by Cindy Barganier

Kaleidoscope fabric by Cindy Barganier


Shadow Box by Cindy Barganier

Shadow Box by Cindy Barganier


So there ya have it.

 Jump on over to Cindy Barganier .com and grab you a couple of yards of pillow magic and you will be right up there with John Saladino!

Who knew?

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New Showrooms Pick Up Fabric Line

We are so pleased to announce that several design firms have asked to carry Cindy Barganier Textiles in their offerings AND that showrooms are beginning to join the team as well.

DSR in Birmingham, Alabama, a “To The Trade Only” showroom, has the complete line for all of you designers in that part of the country.

They sent us some candid shots this morning of how they are displaying the fabrics around the showroom.



Also in Birmingham is “Atmosphere” in the Dr. Pepper district. The general public can buy from sweet Barri.

If you are close to  Huntsville, call Judy J. Howard Interiors.

In Tennessee call Fresh Perspectives Design  in Germantown or

Gift Gourmet and Interiors LLC in Knoxville.

We were invited to spend the day at ADAC a couple of weeks ago to meet with some interested parties. ADAC, The Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, is the high end market for designers around the country and represents the leading brands in the industry.

ADAC fabrics


photo (54)

We have a very exciting announcement to make next week!

Headed down to the beautiful 30A to pick up samples tomorrow.

Happy, Happy Friday!!!



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Sample Makin Time

We had a few delays thanks to Mr.  Flu and Mr. Crud but today finally arrived, the day that we turn the fabric samples over to the rep group and wait to see how the world will receive them. Thanks to all of your wonderful comments I approached the day filled with confidence and excitement.

First we snapped  quick pictures of the each piece on the wall to give us some smaller files to  mail to designers for presentations:

Here are a few of my favs:

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Then we put together the sales presentation aka “talking points” booklet. Thanks Shootflyshoot for the pretty pic!

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Then we had to design, print and cut all of the tags for each sample.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

And finally it was time to cut and assemble. All hands on deck ya’ll!

One of the things I am most excited about with the samples is an innovation the mill and I came up with that I have never seen done before.

Notice the row at the bottom of the fabric ( below) which is a smaller scale that the rest? When the designers receive their samples they obviously will not have a full width of fabric therefore they will not know what the full repeat looks like. Instead of having to go the price list or flip over a tag to see a picture they will have a full repeat printed right on the fabric at 1/4 scale so they see true color, true scale, true placement.

Pretty cool idea I think.

They will also be offered almost limitless options for customizing for their jobs. Love that stripe but wish it was vertical instead of horizontal? Your wish is our command.

Love that huge scale but really just need a pillow and don’t want all of the waste? We will decrease the scale and print to the exact size pillow form you have.

This is as custom as you can get without designing it all yourself. We do all the work. You look like a genius. Sweet.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Did I mention that I love these peeps?

Remember last week when I talked about having to reach ( word of the year) out to others who will lift you up and  help you achieve your goals. Well these three plus Jeff and a few others are my chief lifters. That one at the end? She prays for me… all the time… and she’s not even my Mama. haha What sweet encouragement they bring.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Martin Choate has been my Duralee rep for the last decade and has walked this walk every step of the way with me.

Her cute hubby, Tab, has started his own rep group called White Calf Designs and they have assembled quite an impressive group of companies to represent. I am so honored to have made the cut!!  They have the exclusive rights to show and sell so if you are interested, give them at shout out at .

They came in bearing these gorgeous flowers

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

and then jumped right in there pulling, cutting, tagging and folding.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Thanks guys. What a great day.

Before we knew it we had a big beautiful pile of debutantes ready to make their debut. So get ’em girls.

The world is your oyster.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection



Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

Then we loaded Tab down

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

and said, “Go get em Boy!”

If you know of design firms or showrooms that might want to take a peek I would be so happy if you passed this along.

Oh! and Happy Friday Ya’ll. Can you believe ‘Bama got snow?

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Sharing The Joy! A Giveaway

The Writer and I had so much fun at the photo shoot with Josh Moates, Layla and Kevin Palmer and Marilyn Heard. What a fabulous team. I love it when you are working your fanny off but it feels like fun.  To read all about the shoot go to The Lettered Cottage.

Cindy BarganierI can’t even believe I am posting that horrible picture except that it is so cute of Layla. Oh, to be twenty something again….

This one is a little bit better, not much. LOL

Cindy Barganier Interiors Collection

Here I am taking a picture of Layla…

Cindy Barganier Interiors

who’s taking a picture of Kevin and Josh who are….. taking pictures. haha .. whole lotta clickin goin on!

Cindy Barganier Interiors

Now for the good part. As a celebration for getting this far and as a thank you to YOU for being excited for us we are having a give away.

Look at the fabrics shown below, leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite and one lucky person will receive a bolster pillow in the fabric of your choice.

If you were peeking through the front door of my shop this is what you would see today.

Cindy Barganier Interiors Collection

The 2013 collection numbered and ready for your reaction.

Cindy Barganier Interiors Collection

These two little guys are called 17.angel wings in turquoise and

                                in pink


On the opposite side of the store is #20 “Springtime Fun in orange.”


So decide which number is your favorite; leave me a comment telling me your choice and be a gem and share this on your Facebook page and we will see what happens!

Winner will be announced December 14, this Friday. Good Luck!

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The New Age Of Digital

If you missed part 1 click here or part 2 click here

After seeing the huge area required to print the traditional way it is almost comical to see what is required now.

The new way to print

So there you have it. One day, that whole big plant will potentially be reduced to this.

The following picture is from the colorist room where designers scrutinize color match so that each run is the same.

color guide

 This shows fabric patterns that are being tested for color, match and scale that are still on the drawing board.

Now the work begins

So now it was the time of discovery, did I really know what I was doing and would my work translate into what their designer needed.  (Read “nail-biting time”)

Amazingly, for the most part I got it right. LOL

We made a few minor adjustments on pattern match and it was time to make a strike off to see how it would really look on fabric. YIKES! This was really happening. What if we all hated it? What if we all loved it? What if , after all of this, we couldn’t meet the dead-line?  So many “what ifs”.

I’m seeing my work on their computer system for the first time.

Do we hit the print button or not?


And out rolls the first ever strike off of the new


Springtime Fun from Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

What would you call me?

Ocean Stripe from Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection


Bear in mind that this is being done on the cheapest fabric with no sizing or finishing which is what makes the color pop.

Sadly, this little guy didn’t make the cut. He was pixelated and couldn’t be fixed.


What do you do when the pattern you had planned on featuring won’t work? You pretend like you are back in college and you stay up until the mood strikes and you design a new pattern from scratch that will work. You then send it to the mill in the wee hours, get it approved as soon as the doors open, run the strike-off, get customer approval and print all within a 12 hour period so that you hit your dead-line.

Then one day the UPS man arrives and he hands you the first bolts.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

So you jump in the car and head to 30A for the installation.


A week ago this was a closet. I found a carpenter who could go to Florida in one day to remove the doors, remove all of the shelving and rods and build a daybed with raised “tables” at either end.

Then sweet Marilyn Heard and George Evans went down with us to transform it into a daybed extraordinaire.

We worked, and we worked..

and then we worked some more

No, you aren’t seeing things. Yes, it is midnight and yes, we are all working in pajamas. LOL

We are the crazy ones who are most creative at night. That’s why we move into the houses for concierge move in services.  It’s going above and beyond.

We didn’t have all of the lamps and accessories yet but this will give you a good idea of where we are headed.

Bespoke Daybed in Amber fabric by Cindy Barganier

Amber Fabric by Cindy Barganier

Then we moved on to the next room where the Ocean Stripe fabric was being used.

Ocean Stripe in teal and blue

Thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration I used the fabric on Yolo Board inspired headboards and added individual lights for nighttime reading enjoyment.

Ocean Stripe by Cindy Barganier

We haven’t gotten to accessorization yet but do notice the adorable vintage bathing suit sheets peeking out from the shams.

 While ya’ll hit the waves, I’m just gonna hit the bed.

I’m done.

Thank you to another precious client who “gets it” and let’s us do our thing.

We loved working with you and can’t wait to hear your squeals tonight.

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at

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