Design Blogger’s Conference 2014 May I Drop A Few Names? :)

Sunday was the kick-off for a star-studded event that brought designers, bloggers, suppliers and media people from around the country together for a 4 day free for all in the idea sharing department at Design Blogger’s Conference 2014.  And who doesn’t love a good SWAG bag??? They loaded us down.




That’s right y’all. You saw it here first… Domino is back!!!

Domino Magazine

 As soon as I entered the beautiful ballroom at The Grand Hyatt, the excitement was at frenzy level and it never let up.

Grand Hyatt Stairwell

I met Jeffrey Johnson and  Leslie Carothers right off the bat. Matching names to well known faces is always a feat at these affairs. I promise not to bore you with every little detail (unless you are a follower on Instagram, then it’s Katy bar the door). I honestly had no idea what to expect but I am SO glad that I went. Funny how quickly you bond with people when you have so much in common. I came home with an entire bouquet of new friends  (warning: we were grabbing whoever was standing near to snap a pic so these are very grainy but still, I will treasure them)

new friends at Design Bloggers Conference

Nancy Wildermuth from PA

… many of the names and faces you will know.  So without further adieu…. a little name droppin’. LOL

Candice Olson

Yes, Ladies and Gents, that is the one and only Candice Olson! And she is hilarious.


 cindy barganier tobi fairley

  And that is Tobi Fairley. It was predicted last year that she will join the ranks of Oprah and Elvis etc. and will only be known as Tobi.

Karen LeBlanc

Karen LeBlanc

This is Karen, the host of The Design Tourist on The Design Network. She was a sweet pea. There is a trend developing here .  I am short!!!

DBC 2014

On the left is Jeffrey Alan Marks star of Bravo TV’s  Million Dollar Decorators.

On the right is Michael Bruno, Founder and Chairman of 1st Dibs.

Ann Maine, Traditional Home

So honored to now consider this gracious lady a friend.  Ann Maine, Editor In Chief of Traditional Home Magazine.

And my favorite of all, my sweet friend Michelle that I went to Tybee Island with.

Iron and Twine DBC winner

This cutie pie won the title of New Blogger Of The Year.

I felt like a proud Mama.

That’s it.

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.



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My Word For The Year

My friend, Layla, has a “word for the year”. I thought it was such a neat idea that I adopted it. Then Tobi Fairley adopted it from me then…. well, let’s just say it is spreading rapidly. So here we are with a linky party for all of our words. You should join us!

My word is REACH and it has great meaning for me this year.

I have so many goals, dreams, ambitions all of which are stretching me to REACH them.

I have health goals that I must reach in order to have the stamina to do all of the things I want to do. Tobi has been my inspiration here as she has hit the mark in a big way with her “I’m getting healthy and fit no matter what it takes attitude last year.” She did it too!

cindy barganier



I have career goals that require that I reach out to others for help.

reach out


I get so excited when I can help a friend reach a goal that at first seemed so unattainable. I have to remember that it is a blessing for others to do the same for me.

There are so many promises out there just waiting for us to reach out in child-like faith and take them.


reach for the promises


Therefore, this year I will reach out  a compassionate hand to help those that are hurting.

reaching ou


I will reach out to new friends for who knows where that might lead.

reach out and connect


I will reach for the stars and really go after what I want.

reach for the stars

And I will do it all with a sense of abandonment that comes from a heart of joy because “the joy of the Lord is my strength”.

reach wildly



    reach poem

What about you? Who has inspired you to live a richer life and what word says it all for you this year?




The Lettered Cottage



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oops, Correction Required

It has been brought to my attention that I inadvertently credited this photo to Tobi Fairley.


This is actually the work of my good friend Phillip Sides for the Coastal Living  Seawatch Idea House.

My apologies to both Phillip and Tobi.

I greatly admire both of you.


If you would like to be able to say ,”That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at


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How High Should Wall Lights Be?

There are so many questions that have to be answered in the construction of a new home. Important questions. It can become overwhelming.

One category that causes great confusion is the placement of wall lights.

Here are some general guidelines:

For standard wall lights the junction box placement should be @ 5’6″ above finished floor (AFF)

Phillip Sides Interior Design

Swing arm lamps near sofas should be @ 42″ AFF

Design by James Michael Howard

Above bookshelves lights are placed just above the trim at top of top shelf.

Above a mantle the junction box should be 15-18″ above the shelf, unless you have very tall ceilings and a very large painting; then you adjust accordingly.


Above beds:

21″ above top of mattress or 42″ from floor if standard 21″ mattress

45″ from floor if 24″ mattress

48″ from floor if 27″ mattress

Some beds today are extremely tall- mine is 40″ so lights by my bed would need to be mounted at 60″.

Buy your mattress before you place your lights!

In alcove settings like the one pictured you have to “tweak” to make sure guests don’t hit their heads on the fixtures.

I find that once you hit 10′ ceilings you sometimes have to stop and reconsider so that they don’t look too low but in bathrooms the danger is that you get the light source too high and the face is thrown into shadow.

It’s just a little bit tricky.

If you need someone to handle these questions and you want to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at

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