How To Make Any Lamp Cordless

 cindy barganier

Now that got MY attention. How about you? I found this tutorial just after fighting the issue in a client’s sunroom…. the ever present LAMP CORD. uhhh

Thank you Kelly from View Along The Way for this great tip.

cindy barganier


Materials You’ll Need

  • Lamp.
  • 9-volt battery or 8 AA batteries (to save money, use rechargeables)
  • 9-volt battery clip (like this, only about $2 shipped) or an 8 AA battery pack (like this)
  • Wire strippers
  • Strand of LED lights like these (more on this in a second)
  • Soldering iron (we use this one)
  • Optional: velcro and felt to cover the bottom of the lamp
  • Optional: brilliant husband (not available on amazon)

For step by step directions go here.

I read these and think, “Nah.” haha

You, on the other hand, might start a whole new business just converting lamps for me. BAM!

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